Minggu, 28 Juni 2009

Submit Your Blog To Search Engines.

Submitting your new blog to the search engine means your blog will be index by search engines robot. It's mean your blog will be on search engines data base. If your blog index by search engines, your blog will get visitors from the search engines through search box on search engines.

How long our blog will be index by search engines robot? It's depend on many thing, I don't know for sure. But the important thing to do to get search engines index our blog is make a regular post. And after make a post, ping your blog through ping services, so these search engines server will inform that our blog is up dating. More often you ping your blog, more often search engines notice our blog. That the key.

There's several search engines that need to submit, but the big three is Google, Yahoo! and MSN (may be now called Bing). You can start submit your blog to these search engines. You can search the others search engines later. To submit your blog to Google, just type "add url" on your search engines. Follow the result and follow the instruction about how to submitting your blog. After your blog submission, don't forget to make a regular post.

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  1. thx for ur kind information


  2. ya this is one thinks that very important to get our blog find by search engine like google healthlovemoneyand family

  3. Thanks, nice tips. Hope it works for me.


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