Rabu, 17 Juni 2009

Define your blog goal

Now a days lots of blog in the blogosphere, thousands and millions maybe. A lot of people create blogs. Some one can have several blogs. The question is, what my blog goal? Yes, even I start my blog just for fun, sometimes this questions appear on my mind. After my blogwalking around the bloghospere, I have my conclusions, later you can help me if you have another goal for a blog.

I try to make 3 group of blogs that have different goal. I made this after I see the content of those blogs. First, a blog just for fun, yes this is just like my first blog. I create a blog for fun that I can write anything. In this blog I can write about my day to day activities, my hobbies, etc. I don't really made a plan at all. Just write a thing that cross my mind.

For this kind of blog, I don't care about my visitors or any traffic at all. Because my goal is just to have a blog! Nothing more. The template? I just let my template blog with standard template for the provider.

Second, I saw a lot of blog have a lot opinions on something or about the hot news. This kind of blog have their own topic, the blogs are created by bloggers who have great experiences and capability's on their field. They are genius blogger that manage blog as a pro. They post regularly base, they have a lot of readers and their exist as an experts.

When you see this blog you can get a lot of new things. I this kind of blog. I have learn a lot from this blogs. I can stay longer to reads a lot of their article. They are great writer too.

Third, because there's a lot of opportunities to have passive income on the internet. A lot of blogs have goal to get more money, you can see a lots of ads. These blogs, on their articles always have links to something about money, or their affiliate or they others money sources.
This kind of blog usually made by internet marketer, work at home peoples. They are all using blog to promote their business, affiliates program, advertising, soft ware, etc. Now a days a lot of companies using blog to promote their companies, to get more closer to their consumer. Because they think a blog is more interactive that their website.

As a individual, we can have all that kind of blogs with different goal for each blog. You can have a blog as a diary, just write whatever you want. Second blog, you can create a blog that have contents about your expertise, all you need is create your own niche, your own topic that you are really feel you are good and have many resources. Your third blog is a business blog, you can create a blog to promote your business, if you have a home made candles, you can create a blog with all the contents talking about candles.

What are you waiting for? Define you goal and create your blog. If you have another suggestion about goal of a blog, you can leave a comment for me.

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  1. just realise now that you got lots of blogs

  2. @JengSri : Yup. I try to separate blog with one goal ;)

  3. I heard from somewhere that in order for search engine to pick up your blog properly when it's called, it has to be one niche per blog. my problem is, I can't focus on one niche so I tend to populate my blogs with random thoughts. =D I guess I won't be an effective work-at-home, huh?

  4. Realization (Different type of blog ) is important before making a blog



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