Kamis, 04 Juni 2009

Start Your Own Blog

Do you like to write something? Or do you like share your opinion? Or do you like promoting your product? Or even just share your picture? Yes, you can make your own blog whatever your goal is. Now a days making a blog is pretty simple. You can use free service first, or if you have enough fund you can use a professional company to build your blog.

There's a lot of free service to make a blog, like blogspot or wordpress. Blogspot and wordpress are the popular blogging service on the internet. Just sign up, and you can start your own blog.

Where do I start?
Yes, this is a natural question when people want to start blogging. You can choose one of this. First, just write what ever you like, your experience, hobby, etc. Or, the second is plan what are you going to post on your blog. It's depend on you goal. If your blogging activities just for sharing your hobby you can just write your blog. If your blog is for your business activities you have to plan every post on your blog.

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